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📈 Personal track record


The goal of this page is to create a track record of all the talks I have given (resources included), conferences at which I have spoken, etc.

This will be long, so it will take time to build xD.

  • 2019 - Technovation Families - Teaching AI to families
  • 2019 - Commit Conf - Métricas para piratas, AARRR! (o cómo mantener la confianza de tu equipo a flote)
  • 2019 - Commit Conf - Browser Rendering Optimization
  • 2018 - Visualización avanzada de datos geolocalizados
  • 2017 - Codemotion - ¿Dónde estoy?, comparando 10 geocodificadores
  • 2016 - Codemotion - Personalizar mapas vectoriales y consumirlos con AngularJS

Projects lists

Projects I have build or been involved