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Educational developers channels

This is a compilation of websites, blogging platforms, video channels, etc. where anyone can find relevant content and give back to the developer community.

Written content

Accepting contributions

Guest blogging is the practice of writing and publishing an original blog post on a third-party website. Here is a list of channels you can use:

Top JS Blogs & Magazines

Extracted from State of JavaScript survey 2022:

  1. Medium
  3. CSS-Tricks
  4. JavaScript Weekly
  5. Smashing Magazine
  6. Best of JavaScript
  7. Node Weekly
  8. Bytes
  9. Codrops
  10. SitePoint
  11. A List Apart
  12. DailyJS
  13. Frontend Focus
  15. Front-End Front
  16. Echo JS
  17. Frontend Horse

Find more channels and use to check MOZ DA

Documentation & training

Developer blogging platforms


Corporate engineering blogs

Aug. 2023 update: I have found kilimchoi/engineering-blogs repo with over 565 engineering blogs.

Not found contribution guidelines


Channels accepting contributions

Video courses

YouTube channels

Lot of YouTube channels in JoseDeFreitas/awesome-youtubers repo

Developer Streams

Find more at:

Audio / Podcasts

There are some existing lists of podcasts for developers:

Some podcasts:

  • | Attack of the Stoplight Network: Attack of the Stoplight Network is a ongoing assortment of shows produced by Stoplight Network.
  • | APIs You Won't Hate: A no-nonsense (well, some-nonsense) podcast about API design & development, new features in the world of HTTP, service-orientated architecture, microservices, and probably bikes.
  • | API The Docs Podcast: Our guests talk about their insights and experience as documentarians. We bring advice from behind open and closed developer portals, ideas on what new learnings you can aim for, and recent experiments from the field of API documentation.
  • | The Art of Developer Experience Podcast: We host authentic conversations with developer experience professionals creating products for developers (often APIs). We’ll explore topics like API design, documentation, tooling, developer relations, dashboards, onboarding, community, communications and how developer experience fits into an organzation.
  • | Developer Success and the Business of APIs: What should be the purpose of your API program? When does it become successful? How do you make sure that every API you publish will have a positive effect on your business? How can a developer portal help to achieve these goals?
  • | All About APIs: On All About APIs, seasoned API practitioners, product leaders and architects share tangible advice on what it takes to successfully design, launch and maintain APIs that unlock new growth opportunities. From new API-enabled growth opportunities, through developer experience, collaborative design, governance, to architectural and security best practices, you’ll walk away with practical takeaways about all things API.

These are some podcasts that use to do interviews:

  • | We investigate what it takes to grow a developer tool. Topics include developer marketing, DevRel, developer advocacy and developer experience.
  • | Interviews with leaders and folks of the Clojure and ClojureScript community.
  • | Interview series produced to inspire people who manage projects, build digital products, and lead teams in design and technology.
  • Spanish:
    • | Un espacio donde charlamos con la crème de la crème de los que crean productos digitales en español, descubrimos a qué dedican su día a día, sus inquietudes y sobre todo qué es para ellos trabajar en equipo.
  • Defunc:

Geospatial / mapping / GIS podcasts

Note: not all are necessarily developer focused:

Hands-on / Games of coding / Challenges

Challenges, games and gamified experiences to learn programming:



Coding competitions

Coding competitions:

Find more:

Other developer websites


Twitter accounts

I keep the Tech thought leaders Twitter list

Other sites

  • Codecademy
  • Academind
  • Scrimba
  • Frontend Masters
  • Wes Bos
  • Kent C. Dodds
  • O'Reilly
  • Vue Mastery
  • Newline
  • Epic React
  • Doka