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Public speaking

I started doing public speaking more than ten years ago, originally all my talks were all motivated by my genuine interest in technology, and of course, all of them were ad honorem.

But I was once told: "if you find a company that pays you for what you would do for free, you won't have to work anymore.

In 2014 I joined Esri, among other things, to share knowledge with developers for free (+ build a community of developers). Since then, although I have continued giving talks in my spare time, a large part of them have been paid by the company.

Meetups & small events

I am going to start with my first public talks, outside of classroom presentations, which were in small in-person meetups. Since I have been speaking in public for more than twenty years, I have tried not to include more than two or three per year:

Note: Some ratings can be found at the meetup events.


The first big conference I remember attended was the Google Developer Day in 2008 (Madrid), and then the Webmasters Congress in 2009 (Madrid). A few years later, and after starting to attend as an attendee, I began to give talks at them, and even organized some of them. As in the previous section, there have been quite a few conferences, so I will not include them all:

Note: Some ratings can be found at Koliseo.

Esri conferences

All of these talks at Esri DevSummit (Palm Springs, CA), European DevSummit (Berlin, Germany), and Conferencia Esri España (Madrid, Spain) have been for work-related reasons. This list is not complete either: