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🌎 Geo skills for developers

Β· 2 min read
Raul Jimenez Ortega

I have shared a new document (not 100% polished) where I try to explain what problems anyone can better solve by learning new geospatial skills and tools, including spatial databases, spatial analysis techniques, web mapping frameworks, geospatial libraries and APIs, spatial data formats, and spatial data visualization tools, GIS software, etc.

I group them into five big categories:

  • Geospatial algorithms.
    • How to do spatial queries or operations.
    • How to do spatial calculations.
    • How to do network and topological analysis.
    • Geostatistical analysis.
    • Data transformations.
    • Georeferenced Image analysis (aerial, ground, satellite, ...).
  • Client-side development
    • Display 2D and 3D georeferenced data.
    • Create faster maps.
    • Customize / advance maps.
    • Interact with geospatial data.
    • Work with offline geospatial data.
    • Other.
  • Server-side development
    • Design system architecture (how to store and access/integrate geospatial data).
    • Data capture/creation.
    • How to render 3D web animation as a video GPX track.
  • Data gathering and geolocation
    • Data gathering.
    • Data geolocation (georeferencing).
  • Map creation (not programmatically).

Do you want to help me increase the list? the document is on GitHub and published under CC.

If you have any comments πŸ’¬ please leave them on Medium / Twitter.