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πŸ“– History of technology communities

Β· One min read
Raul Jimenez Ortega

Following a series of reflections that led me to consider what a technical community is (for me), I decided to start this series of articles that compile the most relevant facts from the world of technology and communities, with a special focus on Spain.

The goal is to document the history and help us reflect on the past, understand how and why technological communities have evolved the way they have, and establish a common framework to help dispel some of the current controversies. This way, hopefully, we can focus on what I believe is important... collaborating.

The articles I plan to publish soon are:

I’d like to remind you that all the content is on GitHub and under Creative Commons, and I would love to receive your contributions.

If possible, I will try to upload this information to Wikipedia in some way.

I hope you enjoy them πŸ™‚