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๐Ÿง  Having a poor memory it's not so bad

ยท 2 min read
Raul Jimenez Ortega

Today I wanted to share another thought I had, this time it is: "everything has a positive side, even having a bad memory", although perhaps Leonard Shelby (from Memento) wouldn't think the same xD.

Those who know me know that I am a quite active person, always coming up with new ideas, projects, etc., and you know that I always say I have a bad memory (which is true). Sometimes I think it's because I don't exercise my memory much, although sometimes I think it's due to my "hyperactivity."

Who knows why.... the thing is, sometimes it "annoys me" to think that "I am this way," but this time I reflected and thought... well... having a bad memory is not always bad. Why? In my opinion, because:

  1. It forces me to be more structured, for example:
  2. Also, I make myself write more about what I have done so I don't forget it
    1. For example, my life summary posts which also serve to keep my friends updated on how I am.
    2. And to share articles like this one, which are thoughts I want to internalize (and writing helps).
  3. And finally, it also helps you forget problems sooner or lessen the importance of many of them.

In short, if someone ever criticizes you for having a bad memory, maybe you can counter-argue that... having a bad memory also has its advantages, what do you think?

By the way, this reasoning also applies to "having scattered attention," anyone dare to justify the good in this? ^_^